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It is now officially 3 weeks away...........I am always very excited to post this thread!

The biannual York breakfast has now been scheduled!!!!! Thursday, April 20th.......

I figure an arrival time of 0715-0745.....with departures around 0915-0945.

The place: the same.....the Round the Clock Diner, 222 Arsenal Rd (Route 30 just east of the I-83 interchange).

All are welcome.....traveling alone? Small or large group?  New to TCA? First York? With your spouse? All are welcome!

Come join your fellow York attendees as we catch up on the news over the last 6 months, meet new people, put a face with the name you've been talking  to online, and discuss what you're hoping to find as you walk the halls. For York 1st timers, it’s a good place to get ideas from York veterans on how to approach your day.....

It is always a fun time!

As always, just leave a your name  and approximate number of attendees.....I have told them 25-30, but that can easily be expanded......

I can taste those Round-the-Clock pancakes already........

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Where is everyone? Wait a minute, I’m two days early!


Safe travels to all……I’ll report in the Bandit Meets later……


Bad Peter! Heck, usually when I arrived on Wednesday I'd go there for dinner, get the ham with pineapple and whatever else comes with it. I would get the soup too and enjoy myself just winding down after a long drive. On occasion, I'd get dessert too. Since you're eating breakfast, raise a cup of coffee, I just finished mine, heading into work.

Good morning all April York attendee's, hope the morning greets you well. Don't worry, the staff is ready to serve as usual. That's the one thing I always miss about missing York, going to the breakfast and the staff at Round the Clock is already ready for all of us train enthusiast's, not caring where we came from but caring that they give us the best breakfast to be had.

So the question for you all is will there be someone trying to hit the lottery with an outrageous priced item for sale? Probably. Will there be good deals or great deals, most definitely. Remember to get pictures this morning as well as at Quaker Steak later on in the evening.

Most importantly however, have a great time, be blessed and enjoy. Hoping to catch up with you all in the fall.

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