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I love trains, classic cars, and aviation. 

Being the son of a pilot, classic car buff and Christmas trains, I was bitten by the bug by all early on. I told myself that if this were still available on Saturday, it was more than likely coming home with me if a deal could have been had.  I'm pleased!  Going to hang it from the ceiling in my office.

Gotta love York!IMG_20211023_192352030


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North American P-51 Mustang in what I think are US Army Air Force colors. Packard Merlin 12-cylinder engine. Low-drag "laminar flow" airfoil section with somewhat sensitive stalling characteristic (high angle-of-attack) but low-drag "laminar flow" drag bucket at low angle-of-attack for high-speed operation... If I recall correctly.


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Some of my most prized possessions, purchased at train shows, have little to do with trains: Howdy Doody marionette, Gilbert Chemistry Set, and Gilbert Erector Set--all in pristine condition--and a beautifully reconditioned 1908 Western Electric Cathedral Telephone. All had resonated me for various sentimental reasons but they were items that I never had on my train-show shopping list. This one of the reasons why I like going to the train shows. You just never know what you might find.

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