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Hello Everyone:

I was going to post to OGRR forum to see if anyone was willing to share a ride from New England to the Fall York meet when it occurred to me that there might be many in my shoes, and that this might make a useful recurring thread.

Here's the idea:

  • If you're driving to/from York, and you have room in your car (either one way or round trip), please post and ask if any one would like to share the drive (presumably at the cost of splitting gas/tolls), the dates/times you'll be traveling, and, of course, where you live (city and state only).  Please post these with "RIDE OFFERED" somewhere near the beginning of the post.

  • If you're looking for a ride to/from York, please post to see if anyone has extra room in their car who might be interested in sharing gas/tolls, etc.  You'll also need to indicate the dates/times you're interested in going and where you can be picked up/dropped off.  Please post these with "RIDE WANTED" somewhere near the beginning of the post.

For anyone who has done something like this in the past, I think everyone might also be interested in hearing about:

  • Other items that should be included in any ride listings

  • People's experiences on such "blind date" hookups ... both the bad and the good:

    • Examples of good are "I met a great fellow collector, shared some costs, and we've stayed in touch."

    • Examples of bad might be:
      • The bugger stood me up with no notice
      • The bugger apparently gave up bathing right after Carter left office
      • The thoughtless bugger brought home 75 boxes of trains and expected them all to fit in my trunk
      • Etc.

So, I'll start off this thread by making my own ride-share request as the next post.  I would encourage others to use this thread to hook up with others.

I'm hoping that this 1) makes the York travel experience more affordable, 2) introduces like-minded collectors to each other, 3) saves our natural resources, and 4) encourages more and more people to go to York.

Fingers crossed that I'm not the only guy who posts to this thread.  

Steven J. Serenska


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I am looking to share a ride back to New England on Saturday after the October, 2016 York Meet.  I specifically live in Rhode Island, but I'm flexible concerning where I can be dropped off.  Pretty much anywhere along the corridor from NYC => Westchester => Fairfield County => New Haven => etc. would work just fine as I could take the train the rest of the way.

I'm willing to share gas/tolls and I promise not to sing even when a good song comes on the radio.

I can leave any time on Saturday that you're leaving, either first thing, or after the final bell.

My email is  


Steven J. Serenska
TCA : 78-13181

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