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Picked up a 223 AC Hudson in the parking lot at York at a price I couldn't refuse.  Another member of NPS had one and it really appealed to me. 

So far have taken the engine and tender apart and cleaning the filthy thing, which was caked with grease on the inside.  I already have a can motor from Port Lines and will add a Tsunami sound/control unit for DCC.  Definitely want to repaint it to New York Central with an authentic number.

Also picked up a 900 series New Haven box car in excellent condition for a great price (1/3 of asking).

Now I have 2 DCC Pacific Steam, 3 FlyerChief (2 Berks, 1 Northern) steam, the Hudson and a GP7 Flyerchief on order.  Too many engines.

Finally picked up a hudson tender bottom with trucks and wheels and a bottom.

Yes it was happy hunting.

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Bought 2 heavyweight passenger cars, #652 Pullman and #654 Pullman Observation, both link coupler and red plastic. Although bought from 2 separate sellers in the Blue Hall, they match perfectly in terms of color and condition, which is excellent. The 2 sellers were only a few tables apart, so I was able to compare them. Paid $85. and $95. Saw others earlier in White and Red Halls, not in as good condition, for a listed $90.-$125., although I may have gotten them for less. I was prepared mentally to pay $100. each, and was very happy to find 2 in great condition that were "common". Some so called "rare" cars were $200.-$300. each.

Okay, here’s some pictures purchased yesterday from Justrains, RPO Trains, and train World. Everyone was great. The folks from these 3 vendors all took time to interact with my 10 yr old grandson who used his grass cutting money to by the auto racks, and Amtrak coaches. It’s great when folks take as much time to deal with the kids as they do adults. Thanks guys, and gals!


Jim B&O, Ma & Pa., Canton, and WM

TCA '04, WB&A '05, MDOG '11

"Be happy. You never know how much time you have left"


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