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I already know this has been an almost overwhelming time for you.  I will certainly miss meeting you in person!  Money is leaking all over the place!  That's a new way of putting it, but I can certainly concur it has happened to us before!

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Correction - the special York car (only 50 made) was by Lionel (not MTH) for spring 2017.

MTH used to offer a special York car for many years but don't think they have for the last few years. When MTH did it it was more than 50 so it was a little easier to get one I believe.

Pretty sure there was nothing to correct....  He asked if Lionel made a car, and I explained how it transpired for the Lionel car in April.  I even mentioned it was the first time Lionel offered such a York themed car.   (at the very least in recent history - perhaps there was a car many years ago I may be unaware of)

I did not give any details in my earlier post, but MTH has in fact still offered a York car for each meet up to this point (including in April, same as they have for many years now).

So there is your correction.  MTH does in fact still do a York car !   (unless they suddenly decide to not do one next month)

Yes, it is quite safe to assume MTH has never made as few as 50 of any York car offered (even if actual numbers are not public knowledge)

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