York TCA Train Show Media Bonanza From TrainWorld! Were Bringing York To You!

Hello Fellow Train Enthusiasts,

If your part of the O Gauge forum, its probably given that you have already heard of the Eastern TCA Train Show in York Pennsylvania.  Some of you may be from different parts of the country and perhaps have not been fortunate enough to make it to a York train meet yet.  I personally have been going to York since I was in 5th grade and I believe I only missed one train meet since then (Yes I played a lot of hooky back then for train shows ). York has been a huge part of our family, business and great times with our fellow patrons. York was also the best way for me to spend time with my grandfather who had little spare time running the business, so it always means a lot when I head out there.  York is a lot of great memories and times for many of us.

As times have changed we are now lucky to have something called the internet and the O gauge forum! Throughout the York train show weekend we will begin our media bonanza and do our best to bring all the new products, announcements and excitement to you!  By no means are we encouraging you not to go to the show.  We prefer you stop by!  But this is for everyone who are not able to make it or perhaps want to get a taste of York before they buy a plane ticket next spring.  For all the forum members we will be posting videos, photos and announcements on this thread.  If you like twitter we will be tweeting at www.twitter.com/trainworld . If you are a little younger or your kids/grandkids are on instagram, follow us on http://instagram.com/trainworldllc we will be posting pictures and doing some instagram live videos throughout the weekend. If you are on facebook www.facebook.com/trainworldllc we will also be posting pictures and will have Facebook live sessions.  If your stricly a video man we will have youtube videos posted the following week and will also post them on the forum www.youtube.com/trainworldtv .  And of course finally,  we will be writing about our journey on our blog https://trainworldllc.wordpress.com/

Below are some teasers we have set up with some manufacturers at the shows. 






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Steve Ill see you October 26th at the TMB club.   Ill be doing a FB live then! Spoke to Dave a couple of weeks ago. 

Hey Jim,  Yes Ill post all the main pictures and all the videos here! 

Eddie,  this post is about keeping everyone more informed about whats happening at York if you cant make it.  Sorry about the rant of my personal experiences but York holds a special place in my heart!

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