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The cost at the door is $22 to enter the Meet. A spouse or significant other is only $2. If you register for the Meet online before September 1st. it's $15.50. The badges for the Meet are good for all three days of the Meet.  

You can register for the York Meet here --> York Meet Registration

Here's all the information about the TCA Eastern Division York Meet. --> TCA Eastern Division Website

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eddie g posted:

I can't believe that this person has been on here since 2005 and is just now asking questions about York.

Well been retired but working at another job until recently really retiring fully.  York has been on my bucket list (joined TCA several years ago but York didn't work out), but never had contiguous full weeks to do a leisurely trip to and from York plus see other attractions along the way for me and for wife. now things have changed and so moved to top of list to do this year. 

Marty Fitzhenry posted:

You should bump into many Forum guys at York.  I would like to say hello if we cross paths.  This will be York number 73 for me.  Each one is better than the one before.  Enjoy yourself and have fun.



Wow Marty.

 Guess I had a late start- this will be only number 14 for myself, see you and Dotty there.

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