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@Mannyrock posted:


Fantastic video land layout!

Sorry to bother you, but in the intro to the video, you show a forklift truck that is unstacking a rack of lumber and restacking it to the side.  Who makes that please, and what is it called?



It is Lionel's.  #264 Forklift was original Postwar number.

Lionel did a modern reissue which runs smoother with a can motor which is what I have. #6-14000


@jini5 posted:

Sean, I watched your video on youtube about the Zephyr you purchased. I have that set as well. It is awesome. One of my favorites. 2 things......Have you considered adding more passengers. If so, any idea how to open these cars?      Did you know if you press aux 2 and then the horn, you get a different horn (I think I remember that) (have not run mine in a while)

I have not looked into adding passengers.  Usually if they have any passengers in them I leave them as is and don't add more.

But you are correct about the Horn, which I forgot to show in my video!  The Horn sound is this same, but it has a "city" horn which is quieter and then a "country" horn which is louder. 

To change between horns, you hit Aux1 and then quickly pull down and release horn slider.  It will now be the "city" horn every time to blow the horn.  Repeat the process to switch it back to the "Country" horn.

It is very cool.

Thank you so much for letting me know I missed that!  I will demo it in an upcoming video on the Amtrak Acela set I am doing which has the same feature.

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