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Consider Gargraves.  Much cheaper than Fastrack and pretty nice to work with.  I ditched all my Fastrack and never looked back.

I was thinking about atlas, but after getting a few rails and accessories, I like the look, but I found it very hard to work with, I never found a good way to solder to it.  I kind of want to see what’s out there to play with.  I am thinking of getting a few pieces of and uncoupling trash and just see what feels good to work with.

Don't solder to the Atlas track. Solder to the bottom of the connectors, and make sure you have the newer ones with the dimples. I bought a whole lot of Atlas track when it first came out over 20 years ago. I've supplemented it a bit. I have no regrets. I think it's great stuff.

I'm in the same boat as GRJ. Too much stuff. But if I see the right things, I have a twitchy trigger finger. And Vince is back. I can't wait to see what he has.


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I have my official list on my work computer:


I have a list of buy only “these” to sub for self control.

Also a small selection of non Fastrack to play with. I want to ditch fastrack.

Good luck with having a list for "self control".    Been there, done that, and have shelves full of unopened boxes to show for it. 

Depending on what you're trying to accomplish and how realistic you want your layout to be, tubular track might be an option.  Readily available at bargain prices.

I was thinking about atlas, but after getting a few rails and accessories, I like the look, but I found it very hard to work with, I never found a good way to solder to it.

FWIW, I have no problem soldering to Atlas track.  We used it for our modular club modules.  I just use a Dremel cutoff wheel to lightly scuff the edge and my trusty 100/140 Weller gun solders it no sweat.  If it's not down yet, I solder to the bottom of the rails.

@jim sutter  I wish I was going, but car issues took extra money out of my train funds. Finally got my car back, without any issues(knock on oak tree). If I was going, my favorite place to stop and look around is in the Purple Hall. My local train store owner is in there which I always stop by each day to see how they're doing, but that is only part of it. I love going over to the one vendor that has the tinplate Marx and Lionel stuff in the back. To this day I still have yet to buy anything off of that guy. I think in 2021 either he wasn't there or had less of what his usual stock was.

I always take in all the sights of York, make sure I talk to as many people as I can. I stop by just about every booth and chat to those that I always talk to(Orange Hall). Last October I talked with one of the vendors who was selling Atlas Reefers. I chatted with him quite a bit, gave me a good deal on those I bought. Later at York on Saturday I bought more Atlas Reefers in the Purple Hall at one of the vendors I had bought a few things before.

The other things I enjoy the most is the layouts. Seeing trains run has always been one of the best things other than seeing real ones run. Last year I think I took more layout pictures/videos than in the past. Scott Smith's club had a Standard Gauge layout in the Orange Hall just up from the Lionel booth which I would say was a big hit. I actually got a chance to talk with Scott and show my appreciation for his contributions on the forum here. I had seen him at other York's, but never at the right time to chat with him.

I hope everyone has a great time this coming York, and gets to find those great bargains/finds that they want or couldn't believe they found. Hopefully next year things are great for me so I can get to attend. See what comes I guess.

@CAPPilot posted:

I have a very short list of items I have been looking for over many Yorks.  Maybe this year I will find one of them.

Other than that, I will be looking for cheap scale pre-1948 style boxcars that I will use to expand my Friendship Train.

I have a reasonably short list also, and what seems to include increasingly harder-to-find items.  I actually was able to acquire one at the Spring 2022 show.

I won't be able to attend due to financial restrictions I've put on myself.  This even includes the cost of gas going there.

I don't have any specific plans, if I find things like track (I picked up some Ross track used last show, was a pretty good deal) I'll likely buy it, or basically something that catches my eye. Ended  up buying a standard gauge engine at one show, and a caboose in another for display wasn't planning on.

Since I don't take vacations per se (never really got in the habit, I mean a formal vacation), it is a kind of mini vacation for me, and I get to meet and talk to people which is always fun. Only place I know where a guy selling can tell me the story about how he put together a 'dream set' that Lionel announced, never produced, and he did it and could listen to it for like 30 minutes and enjoy it. My only regret is hearing the standard gauge layout won't be there, I think if I looked at that for another show or two might end up in Standard gauge. The quaker state and lube is always fun; I always wanted to try the breakfast but would mean leaving my house at like 4am, not that much of a morning person

I even find enjoyable seeing the people selling things for ridiculous prices (that even I know are ridiculous!). Used to bother me,now I just laugh.

Still on the fence about going as I have a wedding to attend in Cape May, NJ and we are supposed to arrive Thursday. Might still take the drive down from CT to go from noon until 3:00 pm as I hate to miss it.

Slowing down on the purchases since retiring, but if I get there the 2 things I'd like most to find would be:

  1. Atlas O 3-rail Maine Central 70 Ton ACF Covered Hopper
  2. MTH Premier 20-93333 Central Vermont 50' High Cube Box Car

Hope everyone who does get there enjoys the show and finds what they are looking for.

@bigkid posted:

...My only regret is hearing the standard gauge layout won't be there, I think if I looked at that for another show or two might end up in Standard gauge. ...

Please express your sentiments to Dan Danielson (ED president) and Mike Petronella (meet chairman).  I can't speak for the group, but I believe that SGMA would like to set up again, and have heard that discussions with EDTCA were not fruitful.  I wasn't a party to the discussions, so don't know the details.  If ED hears from enough folks, perhaps they'll be more accommodating. 

If you're interested in standard gauge, I suggest attending the SGMA meeting on Friday morning at the fairgrounds restaurant.

Nobody is talking structures or buildings yet. I will be in the Orange Hall in Row JJ. I'll have my usual lineup of shadowboxes, buildings, laser cut letter sets, laser cut window and door kits, and laser cut fence. I will have the the shop's Evergreen Styrene shape inventory again for you scratch builders. Three new projects will be featured: CS-08 Downtown Building #1, WH-07 Franklin Freight & Storage and YORK-2 Laurel Rex Fire Station.

Also in Row JJ is Altoona Model Works and TW Trainworx. In their usual spot in Row BB is East Coast Enterprises. Don't miss out catching up with what Millhouse River Studios, Aisle AA, has to rotate or transfer your motive power.  Chat with Steve of Mr. Muffin's Trains in Row ZZ about Korber kits.  They all have great products to offer. We all look forward to getting our products on your layout.

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