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I was originally going to ask if there could be an indicator that you had posted to a thread even if several pages before or earlier in it's life span.  I still think that would be a good feature to have BUT  I did notice every thread I had posted to the "Bell" is RED vs. BLUE.  So maybe that's good enough but if I click the bell for it's intended purpose, to be notified about new replies to the topic, it goes BLUE again so maybe that's not the solution.

It would be IMO a nice feature to either have a symbol or text to allow the user to know that they have posted in a thread so they don't repeat a posting.  While not an issue with recent posts, sometimes when one is resurrected I find myself sometimes wanting to respond to one I already made the same point.

If there is a way to tell I am all ears to find it!


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Interesting issue, and I look forward to seeing the answer as well.

Although the subscription will activate if you post and have that option set in your profile, sometimes I turn off the subscription to a thread that starts to ramble on with the same points being made time after time.  In that case, it would be useful to know if I had posted in the previous dozen pages without searching through all of them.

BTW, red means you're subscribed to the thread, and blue means you're not.

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Many if not most threads are discussions and multiple posts are needed.  For folks like GRJ that have comments in so many threads this would be helpful but for people like me I only comment in about one out of fifty threads and I generally remember what I have previously said in any ongoing threads. On a couple of occasions I have gone back to previous postings in my profile to refresh my memory. I would like to see a button at the top of all threads that if you click it brings up all your previous postings in that thread.  Lets say your reading a thread and haven't posted to it the button would be red if you have posted it would be green and if you click on it all your posts within that thread would come up. I bet that would really be helpful to folks like John.  A step beyond this would give you a space to enter a member ID and it would bring up all their post in that particular thread.  Guess I have all the code writers shaking their heads and cursing my name by now.           j

Welp, I'd really like to see this happen.  The one photo thread is 44 pages long and I'd hate to repost something.  If I could open the thread and click a button to "show my posts" that would be handy.


I see Rich has made another attempt...


As of March 19, 2024, this thread has grown to 1,236 pages and 49,414 posts! And new posts are added to it every day. We're going to celebrate when it hits 50,000 posts.

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@Rich Melvin posted:

I forgot that I had posted this suggestion to Crowdstack back on 2/15/21 at 12:22 PM. No replies.

They say that the memory is the second thing to go. I can't remember what the first thing was. 

HA!!  When the memory goes, the first thing doesn't matter anymore ... LOL!  You won't remember what to do anyway!! 

@MartyE posted:

I'm probably the one that asked the first time and forgot.  LOL!

I wouldn't worry about remembering if you posted earlier or not. Most of us probably won't remember the post either, so repeating it isn't a bad thing!

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