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Reckon' I'm the odd man out again.  Ever since I was a kid I liked the types of boxcars I saw around KC: Boxcar reds, browns, tuscan... the other loud/bright ones didn't show up much in the "work a day" world around KC I was exposed to.


The boxcar included with my original Lindberg Lines HO set I received as a kid in 1962 had a boxcar red C&NW boxcar in it. In fact, all of the cars in it were "typical"... (including a switch engine) so I loved it that set.


Here's a close facsimile of the Lindberg set of which I refer:





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   Actually one of my non Tin Plate favorite new Box Cars is made by Menard's, their simple classic Military Ammo Box Car is just fantastic, being a conservative kind of military guy this was a welcome addition to my US Army Special Forces Train.


David one of our OGR members, sold me a serious Atlas PRR Insulated Box Car, which is really quite nice also, great looking Atlas PRR Tuscan Box Car.







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Originally Posted by scale rail:

Hey Matt, where did you get the Hills Bros. Coffee car. I can still smell the coffee going across the bay bride. don


Don, it's an Atlas product.  They still carry them. Hills Brothers actually had two of their own box cars.  The building is still there...with the big red sign...but it's an office building now.  Matt 

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