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My choice is the Legacy Vision 700E of several years back. The swinging bell and whistle smoke always worked flawlessly. The puffing smoke from the stack also never failed. The sound system was also well executed and was very realistic. Also a smooth runner! This engine and tender were highly detailed making it the best Lionel Legacy engine I ever owned. What is your choice? THANKS!

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Agreed, although you realize that you may be jinxing things by bringing up the fact that yours has never failed.  Mentioning good luck works kind of like umbrellas.  When you carry one it doesn't rain; when you don't it does.






My 700E hasn't failed either, and it's exactly what I had in mind over all the years I waited before one came up that I could afford.  It's my only Vision piece, and one of three Legacy locos I have.  I've had it for 4 years now and have never regretted my choice, or the fact that it was a second-hand purchase.



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New Haven Ten-Wheeler #816 is my favorite Legacy locomotive. I think the proportions of boiler, cab and driving wheels are perfect. I prefer small locomotives rather than large ones. They are a good fit on my layouts and they are favorably priced. I have several Lionel Legacy Ten-Wheelers from other railroads and I could have said the same for any of them.




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My favorite is my Vision Line Challenger. I also have the Vision Line Big Boy (unpainted version) that is a close second. One of these days, I will get around to painting it.

I also have the PRR 0-8-8-0 that I fired up for the first time in a long time. Forgot that the smoke effects are fantastic, especially the blowdown "steam". I'm not a PRR fan, but this one is sure nice.


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My Lehigh and Hudson River C420's. They are great locomotives, run perfect and sounds along with exhaust is fine. And I have 5 of the Legacy C420's I liked them so much. Two LHR, two Susquehanna, 1 Lehigh Valley.

Great… it’s not just me!!! I also love the recent C-420’s. You’re one up on me - I have a D&H, 2 LIRR (one a custom run from Nassau Hobby), and Grzyboski’s custom run Delaware - Lackawanna. They are all good runners.

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   Considering your username and your favorite Legacy engine is a New York Central all I cane say is:


I like those Legacy 4-6-6Ts too.


As I have stated before, I was born, raised and matured in a hometown that was second only to Pittsburgh in steel production served by 5-class I roads,  They were the Pennsy, NYC, B&O, Erie and the "Little Giant" P&LE.  Have attachment/ties to all five.

And this tank engine is a beast!  The Boiler diameter almost that of the Hudson with a wheelbase about three feet longer.  Just a neat engine.


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