What is your opinion of the 3 rail Great Northern 4-8-2 by Weaver? I have heard that there are issues with some Weaver brass engines regarding the drive train/running gear. Before I invest in one of these, I wonder how well they run, operate on Gargraves track with Ross switches. 

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I have one in black. I switched to the black version because I don't think the Weaver green version was painted correctly. I think you'd have to paint the domes black. The Pecos River Brass version in green was correct, I believe. Experts might correct me on that. It is a really nice engine and if you are a GN modeler then I'd think it would be a must have. It did run fine on my Ross and Gargraves track for several years. Something did happen with the drivetrain on the engine but I can't recall exactly what it was. I think it was a U-joint that came apart. I was in the process of switching from 3 to 2 rail at that time and the engine has been in the box ever since. I'd intended to convert it to 2 rail and use it as a starting point to make it into an N&W K1 but I don't think that's really ever going to happen.

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