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Hi everyone just reporting in after a break for a while. We are in the middle of a crisis and if I can help by entertaining even one member then it's been worthwhile posting here. The layout is closed to any friends or visitors and DSC00239DSC00241DSC00251DSC00271DSC00275DSC00285Margaret and myself are in self isolation but that is not stopping me running the trains. I have made some videos and eventually I will post them here are some photos of new things starting with the Slag Reclamation Plant. Regards Neville.


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Hi everyone.

Another industry I have managed to finish is "Vulcan Chemicals" everything is scratchbuilt.  The plant has it's own engine and chemical trains are a part of the operating plan. The locomotive will be painted in Vulcan materials colours. The tank cars are MTH converted to 2-rail I am doing another eight cars at the moment. Roo.





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Not finished but getting close is the Coil Loading shed at the Rolling Mill. When I finished the roof and it was painted I put it in place on the layout and found it was to dark inside so i cut four large holes on one side of the roof and put skylights in should have done both sides but lost interest in it. It looks okay. Roo.




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Yet another project (I do all these projects myself as well as keep the layout running I'm still a loner) is yet another scrap yard. Gone is the large Ore pile at Waterside yard and in it's place is going to be a scrap yard I have added a short dead end spur for it. It's wired and works but we probably won't use it on operating day I really only want to put a rail mounted crane on it. The biggest problem is what kind of scrap yard to do the solution is to build two different scrap yards ! And interchange them ! More to come later.  It's a famine or a feast with me I should be out walking down south it's the Bush walking season but everything has been closed down to protect the small towns and we are sticking to the rules no travel anywhere. Roo.




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We never had any fires near us (thanks for asking) and I'm settling in at home working on the layout I wanted to try and finish it this year looks like I will. Thanks for the call and's G'day mate !

Got a few trees to plant soon. They are store bought sprayed with glue dipped in Woodlands burnt grass foam then sprayed again and left to dry. Dulls them down a bit. Roo.




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