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I was attempting to reset an engine that is locked in forward using the horn/bell combination using the Z-1000 in conventional mode.  The engine derailed on a switch and shut down.  I don't think the breaker on the transformer tripped.  Now when I apply power, the full voltage is applied to the track and there is no adjustment using the speed control. I looked inside the controller for any obvious burned spots on the board but nothing obvious. The board looks fairly simple and easy to get to components if I knew which to replace. Any ideas on how to further isolate/troubleshoot?


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There are a couple of versions, but they have either one or two FET's, those are the components that most likely failed.  There is also a TVS protection diode right across the output that could fail as well.  Here's a thread where we discussed it.

Hmmmm . . . transformer failure already??

Since it's outputting voltage, my guess is one or both of the FET's as failed.  I believe they're the IRFZ48NPBF, and they're not that expensive.

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