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I created a quasi cTc panel to control five Z-1000 motors (see schematics)

cTc schematicctc sch

The CTC panel LED lamps flickered when the cars ran over the turnout's derail rail.  I used the Z-1000 instruction sheet that shows diodes in the derail leads to eliminate flickering, and hooked diodes up per the Z Stuff online page 2 diagram.  That did not fixed the problem, however reversing the polarities did fix the flicker problem, and the above schematic shows the diode hookup on my layout that does works.  In all cases, one derail diode cathode goes to the motor yellow wire and other derail diode anode goes to the motor green wire.

My z-1000 motors have green wire on the R terminal, yellow wire (Z Stuff diagram shows white) on the L terminal and red for AC.  I did notice that close to the diodes was marked R & L but those leads actually connected to the opposite Z1000 motor leads (R went to L and vice versa).

Is the z-1000 diagram wrong, or is what I am doing incorrect but works?  What am I missing???


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