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I have been trying install my crossing gates and block signals.  I think that I have wired them up correctly and have tried to follow the directions as best I can see. I did have it partially working, but it wasn’t working the way I -expected. I reconnected again, and soldered the connections and tried to make sure I had everything lined up properly. But this time when I powered it up, I got a completely unexpected result. One of the gates went down , and the other kept raising and lowering repeatedly and would not stop, unless I interrupted power.

I am attaching photos of my connections, and a video of what happens when power is applied. I would greatly appreciate it if you could take a look at these photos and see if you can see where I have gone wrong. I have ordered additional z stuff signals, and need to get clear on how to install these signals soon.

Bill Toomey


train crossing 1


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Dilly Dilly I just installed 4 Z-Stuff DZ-1070 and DZ-1075 Sensors on 2 side by side tracks and I couldn't get them to work. I contacted Dennis Zander from Z-Stuff (585-377-0925) and he walked me thru the hook-up and he stayed on the phone with me until I got it to work correctly. I installed the sensors to the MTH 30-11014 Crossing Signals W/Sound. Dennis is a really good guy and he helped me a lot. I did have to send one of the sensors back but he sent me a new one right away. I would call him in the morning when you can work with him on them.

Take care and good luck.  Gary

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