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Has anyone else had any communication lately with Z-Stuff ?  I placed an order with Z-Stuff on May 19 and although they took my money and generated an automated order acknowledgement, several inquiries I have made since then about shipping status have gone unanswered.  Are they possibly out of business?  I have to wait 30 days before contacting my credit card company.

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Here we go again, another dime in my pocket.  Communication is hit or miss with Dennis.  As for the store, I've had issues with nothing positive to report.  Do a search of the forum and you'll get many threads stating the same thing.  As John stated purchase from one of the vendors.  I would cancel your order and request a refund through paypal.

The SEARCH feature on the forum is a wonderful tool and your best friend....

Please do one and you will see a number of posts about your question. I would read them because the answer is always the same with Dennis. I love his products but hate his customer service. Buy thru a dealer.


Best of luck Gary. Ultimately, it will work out for you but it may take a good while. We all have been in your shoes. As I noted, I love Dennis' products. But I got burned 2 years ago with an online purchase. I either buy now thru ROSS or from Dennis directly when he attends train shows. He is a great guy to deal with. 

Dennis always has a booth at the TCA show at York and I was looking forward to purchasing some products this Spring. We all know that did not happen so now I am looking forward to the October meet. Hopefully it is a go.


I ordered a 2500 just because I wanted to see how it worked when there was a question here on the forum. I waited a month or more, sent emails, etc. but no response. So I got a refund thru Paypal. That took another couple of weeks where they wait for a response too and never got one. Kind of weird.

I have a couple of signals from Z Stuff and they mostly are very nice, but kind of quirky. I finally made the semaphore one work by putting white card stock under it between the rails to make the sensors work over the Fastrack.  

Almost 2 months after placing an order with Z-Stuff Express for a pair of ZD-1075 sensors, for which they took my money and then never shipped anything or responded to my inquiries,  I got my money back from PayPal.  Now I am again shopping for two of these but am noticing that most Z-Stuff dealers have little or no stock of Z-Stuff product. Not sure what this many mean for the future of the product line, which is a great product, when available.

so from what I read on z stuff site its a infrared item so why not contact gunrunner john he sells a device its hard wired and works flawlessly and he responds to emails and or here directly.

as to z stuff product good alas customer service and order filling has a lot to be desired been there done that I moved on, not meaning to be harsh just factual.

I read through most of this - don't know why, as I am not looking for Z-Stuff stuff - but this seems to be a "Chinese fire drill", as we used to so improperly call it. The company is not new, yet, based on replies and suggestions and related experiences, its method of doing business does not meet even reasonably minimum standards.

I do not expect Big Box "standards" (whatever they are) from a cottage industry, of course, but this situation as presented (it's a pattern, apparently) will certainly keep me from attempting a direct purchase of Z-Stuff products. Good to know.

Could it be that they shut down for the summer/ train off season?

The only reason I say that is. I purchased a Z Stuff semaphore from a random ebay seller during the winter. It worked erratically. seller refunded my money and told me to keep it.

I emailed Dennis asking if it could be repaired reasonably. He told me to send it in and he would repair it free of charge.

When I received it back it worked for a short time then acted up again. He told me to send it back again and he would send out a new one, free of charge, and he did.

All emails at this time were answered promptly. FWIW

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