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Right.  And you can get the full 100 Watts out of the Z1000 that way rather than only 80 Watts from the Accessory terminals.  As rtr12 suggests take a look at a female power adapter.  If you "do" eBay, search for "5.5 2.1 female adapter".  Or, to get one with pigtail wires, search "5.5 2.1 female pigtail" such as:


It's cheaper to convert to wire one time and then distribute to multiple accessories using terminal strips, wire nuts, or any of zillions of connection schemes.  Note that in the 5.5mm/2.1mm connector world there are splitters, extension cables, and what have you.  Search eBay for, "5.5 2.1 splitter" or "5.5 2.1 extension cable" etc.

splitter y extenstion cables 99 cents and up

For example, if you are using a Z-controller as tanner111 shows, AND you need some 18V AC for accessory power, you can use a 99 cent 2-way splitter cable.  After the split, one male output would feed the Z-controller and the other male output would convert to wires using a pigtail adapter or screw-terminal adapter as rtr12 suggests.

Answering a question that you didn't ask if you have accessories that truly require the higher 18V take a look to see if they can operate from 18V DC.  The reality is you can get 18V DC bricks for about 10 cents per Watt whilst 18V AC from the Z1000 brick costs many times that.  Plus, a DC brick using modern power-supply technology is much more compact than the traditional "heavy-iron" AC transformers.  Here's a 90 Watt DC brick that you can get for less than $10 shipped on eBay - it even has a selector switch to choose the DC voltage output 16V, 18V, etc. and it has the same coax/barrel connector as the Z1000 18V AC output:

ac dc brick comparison with inset



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  • splitter y extenstion cables 99 cents and up
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