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I have long been happy with my Z4000. It works flawlessly. My question to the group is, given that it’s almost 20 years old at this point in time, should I buy a new one from the announced new ( last ) run, “ just in case? Or is the consensus that this thing is so bullet proof that I don’t have to worry ?



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I'm sitting on the fence about this decision. I only run in command mode, so I keep telling myself that I can buy Lionel Power Houses if my Z-4000 fails. However, the Z-4000 has more under the hood than most realize. As I understand, it has current limiting capability, not just a circuit breaker. It's more than a transformer; it's a power supply.

I have 2 and use them both.  They are both are over 15 years old.  One, however, was sent by me to MTH twice in 2 years as it failed twice.  MTH fixed it both times for free. 

Tough call.  I don't worry because I have 2 and now run DCS.  But I'm buying a second remote and am considering a back up TIU.  As I build my new layout, I will connect the Z4000s together for twice the DCS power.  Dave at MTH suggested that at a show to me.

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