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Agreed, unplug this from your TIU and track wiring. You appear to be getting cross feed- and given that I repair these Z4000s, that's not a fault if you understand how the transformer is built. The handle cannot internally control the other channel- but the voltmeter can read a voltage coming back in on the channel.

I just tested this and can replicate the result. A wire connecting the 2 red channel outputs (since black is all internally common) results in your exact problem.

Again, it's probably NOT the Z4000, you have shorted your 2 tracks together somewhere and are backfeeding the Z4000 channel.

I would yes unplug the TIU- but since I also repair them, again, my bet is your track and wiring on the outputs is the source of this problem, not the TIU and not the Z4000.

Again, key point is that TIU channels are also isolated internally and I have yet to see a fault that can cross talk power out of the 2 channels. This clearly points at your output wiring on the output side of the TIU and track as the fault, not your TIU and not the Z4000.

And, specifically, your attached video does not show the output wiring of the TIU to your track.

So, this implies there is nothing wrong with the Z4000, nothing wrong with the TIU, and something likely wrong at your track and wiring between the track and TIU.

Another factor I noticed in your video is your TIU would be constantly powered if you hooked up an aux power adapter. As it stands now, you must power channel 1 fixed in to have the logic of the TIU powered. If you only power up channel 2, then the TIU logic would not function.


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@Bruce Brown posted:

You certainly have more “guts” than me shorting out your electronic equipment, Vernon! 🤪

I'm repairing a Z4000 power board today, so I have some insight to what can and does happen, what won't kill one and what will kill one.

In phase power- especially from the same transformer not ideal, but not destructive. It's all coming from the same core transformer.

Power from another transformer or out of phase somehow is extremely destructive.

Also, I did some power load testing of Z4000

Hi all thanks again for the input and feedback. It’s been a while I know. I am posting a video to hopefully get some assistance on additional troubleshooting that’s required because I’m still at step one. Thank you all for your time and support happy holidays hopefully I can report back that we’ve collaborated to resolve the issue and I could run some trains for the little ones this year.


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Terminal block wiring
@awp34 posted:

I have isolation clips on the track.
I have to complete installation on the entire loop.

is the crossover interference occurring at the switches that join 072 loop with O64 possibly?

What kind of track are you using   Somehow the two loops you have are connected together   You have to isolate where that is   Disconnect one drop at a time and see where its jumping over   What is an isolation clip?  If you dont have the middle rail isolated between your switches thats the problem

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