Hi there, can someone tell me how to use the DCS  remote to control conventional engines with the DCS side receiver?

I set all tracks to Z4k, but when I power up theZ4000 all the conventional engines want to just take off. Another question is how do I call up conventional engines on the DCS remote?

Any help would be great as you can tell I am lost on this one!

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Mike, I hope you get a reply soon! 

I got mine to work a couple years ago, but haven't used it since with all my transitions.  I can dig out my notes and get it working here, then let you know.  The old saying from work, "If you don't use it, you lose it!!"  In 43 years working, I have forgotten more than most people know.  The trouble is, I think I forgot everything!  

The Z4K tracks are tracks that are controlled by the Z4000 remote receiver, is that what you're using?

Page 97 of the DCS O Gauge Companion 3rd Edition tells you all about the operation of Z4K tracks.

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Hi Mark and John, thanks for chiming in. 

Mark if you find your notes please let me know what you come up with!

John, yes I believe its the Z4000 remote receiver. Pine Creek Dave turned me on to it. It plugs into the Z4000 and is a little black box.

Mark Boyce posted:

Mike, I'll look for the notes today.  Yes, I remember the discussion with Pine Creek Dave.

Thanks Mark, It would be really nice if I could get it figured out as half of my engine fleet is conventional and that is why I bought the side receiver for the Z4000.

From the DCS Companion:

Set the start volts as low as needed for your conventional engines, may not go below 5v.  In the example it

is for ps2 start volts but you can lower that to what your conventional engines need,

Cannot see conventional engines in the remote.  The remote controls track voltage just like

a transformer handle. 


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As you scroll the thumb wheel you can see the volts go up or down on the z4000.  Leave the handles down at 0.

I haven't dug out my Z-4000 or the remote receiver, even though I have both of them (somewhere).  However, it's my understanding that the Z4000 always comes up at zero volts.  I know it does without the receiver, and I suspect it does the same with it.  That being the case, I don't see how the engines are running away.  If you're running command and then switching to conventional to use the Z4K track, you just need to first zero the voltage on the track.

mort1345 posted:

As you scroll the thumb wheel you can see the volts go up or down on the z4000.  Leave the handles down at 0.

 I don't think you can power up the Z4000 with the handles anywhere but zero.

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I believe that you can also find the instructionsin the DCS manual published by MTH and can be downloaded on MTH's website.  The Z4000 receiver I have has operated flawlessly for the past 18 or so years, so I also have forgotten how to set it up. 

Mort thank you so much for the information! I must have misunderstood, I thought you could pull up conventional engines. I will have to probably wait till next weekend before I get a chance to give it a try. Either way I will let you know! 

I really want to thank you all for getting back to me with answers. This is why I love this forum so much!~

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