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I am considering the purchase of a Z 4000 transformer.  My LHS has one in stock that he has had for a little while and two of the last batch to be made on order.   Should I buy the newest production or better to buy the older one.  Or with the end of MTH is the ZW L A better way to go.  I have both Lionel and MTH engines.  Thanks for your input.




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I have two Z4000 transformers on my larger layout (four loops - 12'-by-8') that have been in operation for twenty years without any problems. Until recently I had also been running my smaller single-loop layout (10'-by-5') off one of the Z4000s on the larger layout. With the closure of MTH, I wanted to have a spare transformer and recently purchased a third Z4000 (new - made in 2018) that is now running the smaller layout. I run conventionally - mostly MTH engines but also quite a few Lionel Legacy. Satisfied with the service I have gotten from the Z4000s. In your case, why not buy the more recent transformer, although, from my experience, I don't think it makes any difference. If you're concerned about future parts availability probably better to buy the ZWL.


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