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I have two Z4000 transformers that I have been using for around 8 years with no issues.  Yesterday I noticed the lights on a caboose pulsing and saw the voltage display on transformer fluctuating from 20 to 16 volts (see video).  I removed engines from track and all lighted cars and could still get this pulsing on the meter. I verified that the voltage at track was still pulsing as well.  I can manipulate the handles some and get it to quit for a while but after a few minutes would start again. I searched on forum and read posts but saw no definitive solutions. Serial number starts with 120.

Both Z4000s are hooked up to independent tracks through a TIU. Tiu channels are all operated as fixed.  Looking for suggestions or other trouble shooting ideas. Assuming this is the transformer, is this fixable?



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