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I recently bought a ZW 275 transformer.

I specificly wanted ports B & C to be working, the seller assured me they were. When I received the transformer these ports were showing no voltage. this is the third transformer I've had, not from the same seller.

My question is, could something break loose in the transportation. None of the packages were damaged, or do think that they are all faulty??

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I had this person contact me through Ebay of which I was selling a postwar ZW and asked me the same question. Sent him the answer to his question and he sent back that it is now working.  I don't think he realized the smaller lever (throttles) controlled the B and C terminals.

Here is my answer to him

The Lionel ZW transformers do NOT have any fixed voltage terminals on them.
There are 4, A,B,C,D teriminals which are controlled or regulated by the 4 different levers on the transformer.
The 2 outside levers or throttles control A & D terminals and have the directional & whistle controls on them. The 2 smaller levers control B & C teriminals and do not have any directional or whistle controls connected to them.
This is what he wrote back:

It does. EVERYTHING IS FINE thank you. I always thought they were part of the track control. No more issues Thanks

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