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Currently have a GW-180 transformer powering my lower level of track where I often have 6-7 locomotives plus rolling stock, passenger cars etc. running. I am probably pushing the limits of the current transformer, so looking at upgrading to the ZW-L. Also have a second and third level each powered by a separate CW-80 transformer. Currently running everything in Bluetooth and awaiting the Base3.

Am I able to add the ZW-L and devote the entire 620 watts to all three levels of the layout all controlled from handle A? Do I accomplish this by setting the channel switch to 1? If not, how do I go about allocating the full wattage of the ZW-L to my layout vs. dividing the wattage up by handle?



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@AmFlyer posted:

Page 15 of the ZW-L manual describes how to control all four output channels using just handle A. The manual is online in the Support section of the Lionel website. Search on "ZW-L." You will need four separate power districts on the layout, the full 40A cannot be connected to the same track.

Thanks Tom. So each power district will have 10 amps, so potentially divide the larger lower level into two districts and let the second and third level each be a district?

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