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Is the subject the correct order to wire components?  I want to run 2 blocks for 2 trains simultaneously on a 6x8 ft layout.  So the ZW to power each block plus lionel accessories.  Trains are Lionel from 1930s to 2000s.  want to implement 990 with lcs wifi and bpc2 such that I can control the trains and turnouts from an iPad.  PSX1-AC is to protect trains from short, including a manual reset button.  Will add a TVS at each power drop.  Just got my layout running so including a picture.


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You're very close.  It appears that a PSX1 will only operate with input voltage over 10V, based on the manufacturer's "Hints and Tips" document.  This means that it needs to be installed between your ZW and the PowerMaster.  If you install it downstream of the PowerMaster, as you originally intended, and lower track voltage with the PowerMaster, say when controlling conventional locomotives, the PSX1 will cease to operate at some point when it nears 10V.

Also, remember that the input voltage for PowerMasters is commonly set to 18 VAC or thereabouts.  That means that your ZW should be set to that voltage in order to successfully drive the PSX1 and the PowerMaster, now placed beyond it.

Good luck with your wiring job.  Let us know how it turns out.


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