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Evening folks!
I was running a ZW transformer through some diagnostic tests and came up with the following resistance, voltage, and megohmmeter readings, along with my diagnosis. I am open for comments !
I took the megohmmeter readings on the ZW with a Klein ET600 and I wanted to know if I am interpreting them correctly.
  • primary and secondary coil insulation readings were both 4000 megaohms at 125 volts on the megohmmeter,
  • voltage on all four channels was 21.7 volts,
  • wire resistance readings on all four channels was between 0.004 and 0.02 kilohms at full throttle,,
  • insulation readings on the megohmmeter for channels A through D were 226, 230, 460, and 450 megaohms at 125 volts.
My interpretation is that everything is OK at this point from a wire standpoint, but I should keep an eye on the insulation readings for the 4 channels as those were significantly lower. Other ZW's that I have read between 3000 and 4000 on the 4 channels.
Thoughts on my interpretation?
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@hokie71  The insulation readings were taken with the megohmmeter as follows:

For the primary coil - red on plug, black on coil stand; secondary coil - red on secondary coil, black on coil stand;

For the insulation readings on channels A through D, red on each output, black on the ground.

I would get slightly different readings with the black on the metal frame of the transformer, but not significantly different.

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