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With the ZW-L and Legacy system , base and Cab2, you can use the Cab2 to vary the track voltage, blow the whistle and activate the bell as well as direction change.  It can also give you finer speed control as well. The Legacy system will control the all 4 channels of the ZWL controlling. Your best bet is to read the ZWL manual.

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I think you want to set the ZW-L to "PROG" and "CMD" then address the handle you will use to set the voltage to the track  (A-B-C-D right to left facing the front).  I address them as 1-2-3-4.   So, maybe handle A is set to power the track, as "Track 1". 

Once it's set,  turn slide switches back to "RUN", and the middle one to "CMD"

ZW-L back

When running conventional locomotives, turn the control handle (again Track 1) to set max power at where you want to limit the speed.  Place the conventional loco on the track, and vary the voltage to vary the speed from the Cab-2,  The buttons for horn, whistle and direction still work from the handheld.


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  • ZW-L back

You have gotten great info and tips in all the posts.

I would just like to add this crude analogy

Think of each ZW-L output as a water pipe. Inside the ZW-L, think of two water valves in series feeding the output water pipe. One valve is open and closed by a ZW-L handle, and the second valve is open and closed by the CAB2 remote (addressing the output being controlled). If the handle is at 0, its analogous valve is closed, and thus no matter how much you turn up the second valve from the CAB2, no water comes out. Likewise, if the CAB2 has the output set to 0, its valve is closed, and no matter where the handle sets its valve, no water comes out.

So in normal operation from the CAB2, you set the handle to the max voltage you want to supply from its corresponding output, the control the voltage output using the CAB2 within the range set by the handle (0v to max volt handle is set at).

The corollary is true - if you want to emulate good old ZW voltage control from a ZW-L handle, set the handle to 0v, set the CAB2 to max voltage, then use the handle just like a ZW handle to control voltage.

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