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Reply to "Video, Z-Stuff DZ-1012 Block Detector Controls Two O-Gauge Trains On 1 Mainline"

I just recently uploaded a new "Part 3" of this video -- that shows a Z-Stuff DZ-1012 detector controlling 2 trains using the "Release From The Rear" method.

If you're familiar with old "Insulated Rail" method of controlling two 3-rail trains on the same track , this "Release From The Rear" method works similar, except we're using a Z-Stuff detector & relay in place of the insulated rail "Control Block".

The method shown in earlier "Part 1" video "Delay From The Front" is still the recommended method, but this "Release From The Rear" method shown in Part 3 may work better . . . . IF:

  • (a) if the track loop is really LONG (and the DZ-1012's maximum adjustable time delay of 55 seconds is not enough to keep the two trains separated) or
  • (b) if you want the stopped train to remain stationary until the moving train travels MOST of the distance around the loop before the "stopped" train starts.


Just For Review:

  • Part 1  showed a DZ-1012 used for the "Delay From The Front" method (recommended method).
  • Part 2   showed a DZ-1011 used for the "Release From The Rear" method.
  • This new  Part 3  is similar to Part 2 -- with the difference being that the DZ-1012 works better because its adjustable time delay of 2 to 55 seconds, handles unequal-length trains better than the DZ-1011 with its fixed 1-second time delay.
  • The  AutoControls Video #668 Wiring page  shows the wiring diagrams.


The "insulated rail" method and associated video was discussed in an earlier forum thread
"Talley Ober's Insulated-Rail 3-train, 3-rail O-Gauge Automatic Control System Uses No Relays Nor Electronics"

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