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I have a 2026 engine that does everything it should except the armature does not spin.  I did check the armature for short between the shaft and the windings; OK there, and the armatures 3 copper plates check OK.  The steel brush/spring cylinders can get hot when in the run foreword or backwards state.  The e-unit is working fine, as is the light and the smoke unit.  What is the best way to test the motor's field winding to see if it is working/not working?  Also, is the motors field winding electrically isolated from the frame?  I see that the wire schematic shows the steel plate connected to ground at one point.

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I have the 2026 engine running.  It was not the field coil but the E-Unit.  I disconnected the E-Unit and wired the train to run forward.  The engine runs like a top; the E-Unit is another story.  After working on the E-Unit  for many hours, I do not have it work properly.  I had to replace the E-Drum which had broke into three pieces, and replaced the upper, lower finger contacts.  Each time I fix one issue, another problem occurs.  I am think of leaving the original E-Unit out, and replacing it with a Marx E-Unit, so I can have forward, reverse, and a lot less stress.

O, I picked up a Lionel 1615 engine.  It tried to run a few times during testing, then it just tripped the circuited breaker, just like the 2026.  I pulled the shell and found that the issue is the E-Unit, again.  The E-Drum is out of place.  At least it is in one piece and the contacts look OK.  Boy, these old Lionel E-Units are a pain.

I agree e units are a pain.But you should be able to do it following Youtube.I might make one myself adding how I use a 2-56 screw in the slots the pawl rides in. Using this I find I can control the space between the frame so everything doesn't fall out. As I put them together I check everything as I go along. I Check the pawl operates up and down about fifty times.Then I add the four finger and drum.I operate that alot making sure the drum operates  smoothly .Then I put my screw in then the two finger part.STILL a pain.

Thank you for the tips Jim.   After watching the YouTube videos I think I have the E-Unit reassembly figured out.

I had a look at the E-Unit on the 1615.  The only issue is a broke plastic "axal" on the E-Drum.  The upper & lower finger contacts look good as do the brushes but still need to remove the brush plate, and clean the armature, brushes and brush clips.  I am holding off ordering the E-Drum replacement until I have a look at the brushes/armature.

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