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Since no one in the Detroit, MI area has received their 2021 Lionel catalog how about pushing back the order date so we can study  the catalog.   I have a big order I will place AFTER I look at the catalog.  Sorry Lionel but that's the way I do business.

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To your question I called LCCA and my membership is up to date!!!  I was told that the list was sent to Lionel - so the problem is with Lionel or the Post Office.  2/18/2021 still no catalog.

OK!!!  I'll bet there is a pile of them in the Detroit Post Office since it seems like none of you have gotten it.  I would just get my order from the online catalog version.

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Bruce, it is a Post Office Issue.   I mailed a couple First Class letters to a relative in Rochester Hills just north of you.

This was back on January 25 from the Dallas TX area.   The letters arrived February 9....16 days later.   There are numerous news articles about the problems there, from COVID related personnel shortages to unusual spike in mail and package volume.

My suggestion: take vash44 up on his offer or go to the catalog online.

I got my second one from Charles Ro today! My local dealer gave me one weeks ago. Funny thing is the local dealer only fixes stuff, he doesn’t sell anything but parts. Lionel sent him two cases and called him a couple days later and asked if he needed more. He told them he didn’t need the two cases they sent him! Maybe he has yours!

I live in Michigan and have had two catalogs for over several weeks. One I assume came from Lionel, the return address is Ripon, Wisconsin Permit No. 100.

The other came from Charles Ro Supply Co. Malden, MA

I could have picked up one at Great Lakes Hobby but I declined.  I just gave one tonight to my two grandsons and we spent over an hour at the kitchen table going through it page by page. Ages 7 and 6 and there one year old sister sat in her highchair watching.

We also watched the Mars Landing, Live.

4 Baby in train room

Hope this helps: Gary


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Bruce, you seem confused about what others are saying about the online catalog. It’s simply PDFs (essentially digital pictures) of the actual print catalog. You page through it the same way, only with a click or a swipe.

If you enjoy having the print catalog to page through, that’s fine. I prefer that for browsing myself. But no one is going to extend the order deadline for you because you refuse to view the catalog on Lionel’s website, where it has been viewable for a month now.

Also, as others have said, the problem isn’t Lionel or LCCA. It’s your regional postal facility.

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I don't get why you're so hard-over on receiving it by mail.  It's been suggested several times to drop by a local hobby shop and pick one up!

Of course, the on-line options is available as well: Lionel 2021 Catalog (Big Book), and you can download a local copy.

If it comes down to waiting for the mail and the order deadline passes, are you really going to simply not order anything as a US Postal Service Protest?  The fact that you don't have a catalog has nothing to do with LCCA or Lionel, it's not their fault that the PO didn't deliver them to your area!

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