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I know this is isn't O scale, but it relates as MTH used the same boards in DCS.

I have one of the original G scale hudsons, which has the 5V system. Along with a newer one that is missing the engine board (3V) Can I take the 5V board and put it into the 3V wiring system? And replace the battery with a battery eliminator. Would I have to rewire the entire engine to 5V?

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You would have to change the connector shells on the 5V board to match the 3V harness connectors.  We routinely did this back when we were replacing 5V board with 3V boards.

However, I have to agree with Alan, save the working 5V board for the next 5V board that croaks and just get a 3V board, or a PS32 board for the Hudson.  I keep several old 5V boards in the drawer for when one bites the dust.

If you used the 5V board, you'd have to add the charging harness and swap the speaker out.

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