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After the now-abolished 34N came by with a WNYP AC46CW, I waited a little longer at Rochester, and was rewarded with NS 317 heading to Mingo, OH, with a pair of SD60Es. I have noticed that thus far, only some of the SD60Es, such as 7020, have received the old EMD-style cooling system from retired SD60 types; others retain their NS-designed system. One wonders if the SD60Es are derated to 3,800 HP by this change. Also included are some pictures taken while driving to Haysville, including shots of a pair of high-hood GP38-2s, SW1001 2100, and some stored GP40-2/RP-E4D slug sets.

As the last vestiges of autumn slowly gave way to the beginning of winter, I waited for the creamsicle, one of three heritage units that appeared on a day that also included two long-hood forward SD60Es.

Train 1: NS 25Z intermodal (0:00)

ES44AC 8105 (Interstate heritage)

C44-9W 9442 (THB)

Train 2: NS 547 (empties to Shire Oaks)

SD70ACe 1158

ET44AC 3622

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@prrjim posted:

Is the wooden roadbridge with walkway at the east end of Conway still open for train watching?

Hello Jim, to my knowledge, it is still open, and fans are even getting away with parking their cars on it, which used to be a surefire way to get kicked off back in 2012. I haven't been out to the east end since 2015, mostly because the action is pretty tame (in my opinion) and hard to shoot with one camera. It's a popular spot though, most of the  Youtubers who started out in the past three to five visit it at least once, and a few have semi-regular stints there.

I grew up near there in Ambridge and after moving away with my adult job, went back periodically to visit my Mom who still lived there.    When my Children were small, I would take them down there for an hour or so to watch trains. 

I never parked on the bridge or drove over it.    I always parked on the street near the bridge and walked over.    There used to be a donut shop 1/4 block away that made it a good spot too.    On one visit during the conrail era, the tower operator, apparently, had placed a printed copy of the train lineup for the day under a rock on the trash barrel that was on the bridge then.

I typically shoot stills, so finding a couple of trains waiting to enter the yard was an opportunity.    However, I have not been there for years now.

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