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Hello HONGZ guys and gals,

Although my personal layout is in O gauge, I have tried hard to learn from my other gauge  friends, the  wonderful hobbyists whose layouts are done in the often times more realistic smaller gauges.  On many Tuesdays I operate realistic HO trains with my buddy Ned Spiller and friends.  Hopefully my layout reflects this mind set to some degree.

I would like everyone in this outpost of the O gauge Forum to know that I have thousands of items in the other gauges and scales.

For example I have 182 HO locomotives,  and 85 N gauge locomotives ready to ship to you.

I have 778 HO Scenery items and 354 N gauge Scenery items all ready to ship.

I have recently lowered my margins and passed the savings on to my valued train buddies as my prices will attest.

I sell items from most all of the major manufacturers and look forward to  talking trains with you anytime.

Please note that the wonderfully realistic Woodland Scenic Buildings are available in HO as well as O scale, as well as the really neat new line of cars and trucks with head and tail lights and lit up bubble gum machine on the police cars.

Many of you might do a lot of scenery work, perhaps more then some O gauge enthusiasts, so I have a wide variety of items to meet that need in the smaller sizes.  And I have not forgotten the BIG trains in G gauge, in fact I personally have an MTH G gauge BIG BOY.  I figured if I was going to have a BIG BOY, it might as well be really BIG to run on my Garden Layout.

So in summary,

A warm welcome to all.

Mike Brooks


cell phone - 207 249 4365

store phone - 607 243 5100




Mike Brooks


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