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.          Begun as the “White Rock Medicinal Water Company” in 1871 Waukesha, Wisconsin, the White Rock Beverage Company has quenched the thirst of Americans for 150 years!

.          Known for its iconic logo, the kneeling nymph known as Psyche “The Goddess of Purity” was named one of America’s most recognizable trademarks of the first half of the 20th century.  She represents the purity, quality and vitality of every White Rock product.

.          Remarkable highlights of this intrepid American beverage company’s history include:

  • “Santa Claus” enjoyed White Rock Mixers and Ginger Ale as early as 1915!
  • In 1924, CNN’s Anderson Cooper’s mother, Gloria Vanderbilt, was baptized with White Rock Water!
  • Before the start of his famous 1927 trans-Atlantic flight from Roosevelt Field, Long Island, Charles Lindbergh christened his plane, “The Spirit of Saint Louis,” with White Rock Sparkling Water!

.          Join with us as we celebrate one hundred and fifty years of beverage excellence.  Deliver White Rock Products to your train room with this highly decorated “Made in America” boxcar from Lionel.  Go to  for an order form for this handsome collectible car.  I invite you to look it over and consider this unique boxcar to your collection.

.          Please understand, this will be a very limited edition collectible, received only by those who order and pay for the car on or before Friday, February 19, 2021.  Your order enrolls you in the “RMLI Collectible Car Club” and you will receive future announcements about the cars we produce for our Museum’s club members.  Remember, this is a one-time offer for this particular collectible car, after February 19th no more orders will be taken and this car will not be re-issued.  These cars are not available in stores!

.          Your collectible car purchase will not only bring you a highly detailed Lionel “Traditional O” model, but will help sustain the all-volunteer Railroad Museum of Long Island.  Your purchase supports our education and restoration programs, care for our collections and the development of new exhibits, and importantly, the care, maintenance and operation of the Historic Lionel Layout.


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