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Hey guys I've just acquired a bunch of Atlas track and I am looking for atlas #5 switches. I'm going to run a three track el and my layout plans require atlas #5 switches so that they may be able to switch tracks. I cannot use 7.5 switches becuase the #5 measures a nice even 20" which is much easier on the layout planing...the problem is I can't seem to find any on Trainworld, Nassua Hooby, and ebay has only one at the moment, so any ideas where I can find them?


Thanks in advance,


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I wonder if you could use #6 Ross Custom Switches.....They  can be connected with the same connectors and are all ready set for blocks and easily adapted for  non-derailing.

I intermingled Ross with ATLAS O all through my layout...Its very simple..After you ballast the track, it's hard to tell what track is what....This is just for Your Thoughts...

Also, Ross makes a #8 Turnout, and it's cool, great for Hi Balling...

Happy Railroading...

Originally Posted by rtr12:

They will be making them, and soon I hope. I have been wanting some more switches too. Here is a recent post from a few days ago that explains more. It was in an email sent to all Atlas customers that are subscribed to their email updates list.


Atlas Open Letter

Thanks glad to know!

Originally Posted by leapinlarry:

I wonder if you could use #6 Ross Custom Switches.....Ross makes a #8 Turnout, and it's cool, great for Hi Balling...

Happy Railroading...

Lol beeing that my layout is only 12 feet by 5 feet I doubt I'll be hi-balling haha! But thank you nonetheless!

The following say they have #5's in stock.  (RH only)  (RH only)


Not clear as they don't list status.  (LH only)


The discount on track and switches varies from 0% to 25% so it pays to shop around.


One shop did indicate that switches were backordered and expected to be received in the 2nd quarter 2015.  If they are accurate then the drought will end then.


BTW, I ran down my dealer bookmarks which number about 100 who have an online presence.  Many were there in name-only.  Many did not carry Atlas O.  I recently pruned it -- removing about 30% of the names whose web presence disappeared.


Hope these help.







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