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Apologies, but I don't know which other sub-forum to make this post.

I picked up this oil painting about nine years ago at an auction of a local hobby shop.  It has hanged in my train room/ office ever since.  I love the detail.  It is signed "Eckel".  Does anyone know anything about this artist and other works that he/she may have done.




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@wild mary posted:

Really Ace, not a very appropriate response IMHO.  Jim I'd love to have that hanging in my train room.

I agree...

Besides, in my lay opinion the view is on a curve and the tracks appear to be super-elevated.  As such, the inside rail of the outer track is lower than the outer rail of the inside track...which based on the artist's viewing angle would result in their appearing much closer together than in reality.

But aside from all that, I'm always in awe of artists of Mr. Eckel's skill.    And Howard Fogg's.  And a host of others.  Some are very accurate in their representations, others simply have things in proper proportions, still others present their subjects in more abstract and/or colorful ways that, in their own representation, bring some viewers...not everyone...special admiration.  That's the world of art, artists, and their 'artistic license'.

Heck, some of the best art featuring trains has been executed by the "youngest amongus"  Art proudly hanging in refrigerator doors, the wall in granddad's man cave/train room,  memories of railfanning with pop-pop.

Or the art in the kids books...Tootle, The Loose Caboose, The Little Engine that Could, etc...or Bob Sherman's contributions to those iconic Lionel catalogs of yore that helped us sleep better, heal quicker, dream more, and make us look forward to each new youthful day...and Christmas morning!

TEHO, though.


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