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The MTH/Railking Item # is 30-5140, City Lights Bump-n-Go Trolley.  I run conventional and simple layout.  This was going to be a present for my grandson who I purchased a Lionel Polar Express Trolley which has interior lighting but is extremely poor.  MTH/Railiking products have been very reliable for me in the past.  Even though this one is "brand new" from a very reliable well known seller, I hope it might be simple enough to replace the bulb.  Working on getting a replacement bulb before opening it up.  Last time I opened up my Railking PCC Street Car to replace a bulb was pretty scary.  This Bump-n-Go Trolley looks much simpler.   

@Alan Mancus posted:


CG-0000018 cost ! one dollar per bulb plus shipping !

It's the "plus shipping" that will make $1 per bulb inconsequential!  Maybe you can get bulbs "free" under warranty mailed to you or whatever since you're willing to do the work.  But I'm with GRJ on this; hard to believe BOTH bulbs are gone - more likely a "simple" mechanical issue like a loose connector or whatever.



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Luckily I have a friend who is MTH/Lionel repair smart.  After he checked the wiring and the bulbs which were all good, he fixed it by taking the cab off and stretching the springs on each end that made contact with the frame.  Light now works!  Yea!!!

Was expecting more light than what was provided but both bulbs are working.  I'm happy and thanks to all who responded! 

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