Hello all ...  fresh back from York ...which is always a fabulous time filled with friends and trains .

Jim at Bridgeboss   https://www.bridgeboss.com/    

was very kind to sell me a built train shed for the layout ....  from his web site I was able to cut a template for the footprint of the shed to assure placement once the real thing arrived .....sure enough is fit like a glove ...very happy with the look of the shed ...down the road doll it up with some lighting and mellow down the finish etc....    wish I had room for a few to lengthen the sidings .

Also at York Harry Heike had a modified TW  Grand Central Terminal .....adding about 3' in height and a full interior ...wow did that pop !   Sure the TW station is impressive in it's own right ...  but dimensions just don't quite capture the grandeur of the real building ( in my opinion).....but an easy add to the base rising the whole structure  and wow !.... Another thing added to the list of things to do . 

I'm a vintage (pre1955) type of collector ...but the flavor of the two newbie pieces   can be blended in   to fit .

Cheers Carey 





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