I'm thinking about ordering one of the recently announced 3rd Rail Geeps (with ERR Cruise), and was curious about whether it can be run successfully together with an Atlas O Geep that has EOB.  Does anyone have any experience with this?

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I've never tried but I doubt it.  I had one loco with EOB, and one upgrade kit.  Personally, I didn't like the way either of them ran.  For one thing, EOB has a lot of "momentum" or electronic throttle lag built-in.  I'm not sure whether the momentum factor is adjustable with the CAB-1.  If not, for that reason alone I don't think it would play well with ERR.

Both of these locos have self-locking gears and rubber tires.  Neither one will like to be pulled or pushed.  You can turn one into a dummy, or dump them for Lionels (vintage or Legacy) which MU nicely and DO have back-drivable gears.  My $.02.

Creep, coast, and pull.  We're not talking about cold fusion here.

Turn cruise off on both engines in command mode. Use the cruise on/off switch (I don't tend to install these on my upgrades) or use the CAB-1 in command mode:

EOB cruise off: DIR + AUX1 + AUX1 + AUX1 (whistle/horn blast) + 3 (whistle/horn blast)

EOB 32 step cruise:  DIR + AUX1 + AUX1 + AUX1 (whistle/horn blast) + 1 (whistle/horn blast)

EOB 128 step cruise: DIR + AUX1 + AUX1 + AUX1 (whistle/horn blast) + 2 (whistle/horn blast)

ERR Cruise off: AUX1 + 0 + AUX1 + BRAKE + 7 + BRAKE

ERR Cruise on: AUX1 + 0 + AUX1 + BRAKE + 9 + BRAKE

I've had some luck with cruise engaged on the leading engine and the trailing one on with cruise off. 

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