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I've finally had some time to look at all my trains & parts. I'm going to tackle some signal projects and I'm having trouble finding parts. Especially the larger cast signal parts. I need some top castings for the American Flyer large semaphores. Barry higenbothem said he can't get them any more. So I got out my "Parts" file and found them (along with other hard to find prewar Flyer signal castings) in Richard Trickels parts book. Is he still in business? I find nothing about him when I google. TeBolt does not have them and neither does Olsens. I also need some Lionel cast bases for 82 semaphores, 99N block signal ect (all the same casting). Here's a couple Flyer semaphores. Left is the late version in light green with a decal, middle early orange manual operating with all brass plate and right is the common one. Who has these top castings?
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Got the same info from my friend Wayne who searched him out at York to get a Ives frame for me. Good to know they will still be around. It would be nice to get a listing from them of items carried.
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Information that I have received from my local collector friends, is that David Trickel will be handling the parts business and that he will be responsive to emails and phone calls.


Eric Hofberg



Thanks for the heads up. I still have not epoxied my frame together or painted yet. I'll have to remember the baking soda.
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  A friend ordered from the catalog, quick delivery and excellent service. If they are still dipping the parts in acid, I rec cleaning them very well with baking soda and soap and water before painting. I had a bad experience. Seem fine after a good cleaning though...


I recently ordered several items from David.

Great service and super fast shipping.  The new catalog is very nice.


I had no problems getting paint to stick (brushed on enamel or rattle can rustoleum).


I filed and sanded the imperfections and then gave them a good bath in soap and hot water and used an old toothbrush to scrub them good, while wearing rubber gloves to prevent finger oils from getting on the clean parts before painting.

I also put one light coat of primer on.


It is nice that the business is alive and well.

Repro parts are better than no parts.

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