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I recall reading about this topic a number of years ago, so I did an internet search for "  brass locomotive foam  " and found some information from people w/ experience;  one of the best topics was titled " 'melting foam' on stored brass engines " from MR.

What color is the foam of your model ?  Did it also crumble, or stay whole but just stick ?  I hope the car isn't green -- for some reason green paint seems especially vulnerable to attack by packing material chemicals.

Good luck, and let us know how you make out.


Thank you everyone, luckily the damage was not as bad as first thought. This was 1980s yellow foam. When the car was shipped it was only partially wrapped in paper and one side took a real hit. I first brushedboff everything I could with a dry brush. Then it was warm water and liquid dawn with a scrub, that took more off. Then I ran my fingers over the car and felt bumps and rough spots. So I cut up some 8000 Micro Mark buffing pads and ever so gently buffed the car down to a smooth finish without taking off the paint. That was follloed by Tamiya clear gloss, Ts 13 in several light coats. The car is not 100 percent perfect but turned out much better than I thought and actually looks pretty good. Too bad the seller just did not bag the car orvwrap it in paper. I always store my items wrapped in acid free paper, at least two layers thick. 

Thanks everyone,


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