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Why do that? They would be well at the traditional/O27 end of the size range.

That said, the bogie tank cars and 2-bay coal hoppers aren’t bad looking. The AMS Flat cars and boxcars would fit in, and aren’t expensive 

I am planning on building an amusement park themed 3 rail layout and it was suggested on another forum to use Bachmann excursion cars.  A member posted photos of his layout using them.

He used HO track but I want to stay with Ross track.  I found some cars for sale and before purchasing them wanted to make sure I could convert them.

It boils down to how the originals are attached as to which trucks would be easiest to adapt. I.e. is it a through hole, hole or screw hidden by seats, screw from the bottom up, plastic clip posts, nut, etc.etc.

Id go back to the other post and quote the person or use/type "@", wait for it to get bold(mine does it automatically, but a bold command may work on other OS), then add the name and it becomes blue like this → @WaynePa and OGRF sends a notification of their being mentioned.  Basically ask them how the trucks bolt in since they have one on hand, but might miss this 2cnd thread. (maybe even by email if listed and it seems they don't have notifications turned on. (I think it won't turn blue unless the person has notifications turned on..but try the @ a few times as the feature stumbles on occasion for me too)

I just tried a Bachman On30 gondola. I used a Lionel 14078 die cast truck.   The Bachman truck is m punted with a screw into the bolster on the car. The kiddy draft gear will need to be removed, even using trucks without couplers as the wheels rub the kiddy draft box. The Bachman screw was not long enough to reuse, you would have to get a longer screw. I think the car rides way to high.42AF6903-6056-4C80-8417-3E8DD876CFE6B02C78EF-E027-4FDC-AC12-72E6984A29D77D296335-9F41-4D7D-A4F7-4799618D3F23A7674A8F-F439-44EE-AB78-8F7EA1EBD259


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  • B02C78EF-E027-4FDC-AC12-72E6984A29D7
  • 42AF6903-6056-4C80-8417-3E8DD876CFE6
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