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I alluded to this in the “Brass Prices” post, but my biggest worry, scratchbuilding and kitbashing freight cars and locos in O Scale is the lack of decals.  Well, decals I can find.  So I’d thought I’d throw this out there to see if there are sources I’m missing.  

My immediate search centers around finding decals for a PRR F-22/23 “gun flat”.   I believe these were offed at some point in brass, by Yoder Models?  So, I’m hoping there is a source.    I’ve tried the sources I know of - K4,  Mt Vernon Shops (nothing in O), and Microscale (nothing in O).   There actually doesn’t seem to be a lot out there for flat cars in general, PRR or not.    Am I missing somewhere?  

Lack of detail, or availability of, becomes a factor in deciding what to build, and I like to be able to build whatever I want.   I’ve experimented with laser cut stencils/adhesive masks, for lettering with fair success, but there is a lower limit to lettering size, especially when you start getting into the car data and notifications.   I’ve seriously considered buying an old ALPS printer, but $1500 for a 1990s used printer is a tough one for me.  

At the end of the day, if I have to do the artwork and have them custom made, I’ll have to do that, but it’s hard justifying the expense for a single car.  

If there are other sources out there, I would appreciate the info.  

BTW - The PRR F-22 gun flat project I’m working on is in the beginning stages.  I’ve 3d printed the car, and the correct PRR trucks.  (Trucks are strange in that a PRR site with PRR photos, identifies them as 2E-F10 but the Yoder site calls them  2F-F2s.  They look the same, but maybe something for all you PRR experts to hash out)    I’m working on the design for the laser cut basswood deck today.   All in, I’ll be around $3 of resin, a buck or so for a third of a sheet of 1/16” basswood,  a few bucks of wire, grabs, and detail parts,  $9 in metal wheels, and whatever the paint and decals cost.   Yeah, I’m a cheapskate, but it’s a fun project so far.    I’ll do a separate post on this project once I get to a finished car and road test it.   One cool thing is the car is printed in two halves, primarily so it will fit on printer, but there is also an optional third middle section that can be printed that, when added between the two F22/23 halves, makes a PRR FM flat (so I need decals for a FM too)  

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There are several decal providers in the Scenery Sourcelist in the Scenery and Structures Forum category. 

Rich Redmond (Rich883) has accepted responsibility to keep the list current (the Originator, Dave Gauss passed away about 3 years ago).  If anyone identifies a new source not currently in Rich's list, please notify him with the pertinent information to help us all in our searches.


You can make black decals on any laser printer, and white ones also if you buy a "Ghost"

cartridge and have a laser that accepts them. You can make the text artwork in MS Word if you have to.  MS Publisher is better because you can kern in it.  Or you can also make artwork in a vector drawing program if need be.  Hands down, the best decal paper I have used is here

Once printed, you need to lay the sheet out flat and spray a few REAL LIGHT coats of clear lacquer or some sort of artists clear sealer on them and let it completely dry before trying to use them.

More serious decal makers tend to use the dye sublimation printers, but that is a whole other story and is not really necessary for someone making a few decals that they can't get elsewhere.

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