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I had a weinermoble when I was young more the size of the bank but where the coin slit is a flat Little Oscar would Bob up and down.


I found it...though this one is missing its pop up Little Oscar.  It is a friction toy that is 9.5" long.  Cool!





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The wiener Mobil I recently bought is very close to O scale The wheels are just a bit further apart than the O rails. It fits nicely on an old Lionel flat car. The wiener is about 9 1/2" long. I have considred cutting an opening in the bottom and setting it on a gang car that I have but still thinking about it. Does look cool on the flat car.

Nine and a half inches is the size of my wiener, but it's three inches wide.  That would make it twelve scale feet wide at 1:48, far too big for anything that would be legal on the roads.  If you consider it to be 1:32 scale, it ends up being eight feet wide, as wide as would be legal on the roads.  That makes it 25 scale feet long.

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To get an idea of what an 0 scale Wienermobile would look like, the original prewar Wienermobile was only 13 feet long. Postwar versions were 22-23 feet, and the current Wienermobile is 27 feet long. 

That means when someone says "that's to big" to John, it would be incorrect right?

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Here is mine.

 Well mine just arrived today. Ok How did you get the bottom off. It looks like

 bumpers are the only thing glued. Just keep prying ?

 I'd also like to know how you mounted the motorized unit.

 Pictured would be great if anybody has some...





My hot dog just arrived from the Bay. After looking it over quickly I thought maybe leaving the bottom on and cutting an area on it out for the motor, I am going to use a handcar chassis and motor. MHO

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