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The U was definitely never used. I believe the T was a shortened version of the B West end that ran before they made the West End a 6th ave line ( Pre Christie st ) I think it was similar to the W that they just discontinued last year where it terminated in Manhattan I may be wrong and it may have never been used bbut I sort of remember it
Hey CC, Ben

Ben, you are correct, the T was a BMT route before the 1967 change over. The T ran mainly rush hours via the West End and Boradway Express to either 57 St or some trains extended to Astoria. The T also ran Saturdays approx 7:30 Am to 5:30 PM.The TT ran via West End via Nassau Street loop. Other times it ran between Coney Island and 36st 4th Ave.

Originally posted by CCrider:
it looks like someone changed the letters to t and u,so i wanted to restore it 2 how it was shud i place a b in the diamonds and a q in the circles or????????????? shud it b?

Well the solution to this is to restore it, put some graffiti on it and you will then know beyond any doubt that the sign is authentic since it would have come straight from you.... Big Grin


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