Do not let your wife's girl friends in your train cave!

The problem living in the south with such a high water table is no basements (just a crawl space). I have a workshop,  unheated,  for my trains.  It's better than nothing!

You could have a steam train, if you'd just lay down your tracks.

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p51 posted:

Now, I realize she was testing me. Things are totally different now, and we've adapted well to one

 That reminds me of a phrase I learned of in my YouTube travels.

If anyone should happen to go there, look up the phrase "poop testing" (replace 'poop' with the word you and I both know is supposed to be there )

"About 1,190,000 results"

(very...'edumacational' )


I looked that up.

Oh dear God, I've had that done to me by every girl I dated before my wife.

My wife spent the first couple years of the marriage doing it, just didn't realize it before now...


   After being married for almost 40 years, my advise is to marry the right lady from the beginning.  We just purchased a big 4,800 square foot Ranch House on an acre of ground, the 1st thing my wife said is buy a Tractor to take care of the property and the Bar/Game Room will be the Train Room you always dreamed of having, Fire Place and all.

I just Engineered and built the Shelf Train layout near the ceiling I have always wanted, in the Train Room/Bar and am working on the Engineering for the rest of the Train Room.  Will definitely have a Conventional Tubular O Gauge Train Layout on the big 12' Bar, similar to the layout in the movie Donavans Reef, along with a multi-level FasTrack layout, with the Bar Housing, as a big Train Tunnel.  

Merry Christmas everybody,




Never worry about what other people think, be strong and walk in the way of the Lord.


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