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Hey guys,

I do not have a layout so I cannot do this but has anyone been able to double head a TMCC locomotive with either another TMCC locomotive from a different manufacturer or a locomotive with an ERR upgrade? If I had a layout, I'd have tried this already. It wou d be really nice to see a Lionel Legacy double heading with a 3rd Rail with an ERR upgrade. I think it would be fun to double head a TMCC or Legacy locomotive with a DCS locomotive but I've never seen it done before. I would think that with DCS' access to TMCC and Legacy, that that system could actually make up a double header. If not, I'd have a TMCC in one hand and a DCS in the other - LOL!!! Come to think about it, I don't really see a lot of double heading at all.  I watch a lot of youtube since there is so much good stuff there. Anyways, just a subject for conversation.


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I have not done double-heading with the different scenarios you mentioned.  However, I have double-headed a pair of Williams PRR K4s engines equipped with TMCC (TrainAmerica installation with EOB).  I've also used these as a lash-up with 1 locomotive pulling at the front and 1 in the rear pushing.  Worked great and looked pretty good doing it, too.


Run the two engines in lashup mode but separated by several inches. If they stay fairly close together over the speed range you plan to run them, then they should work doubleheaded/MUed.

Turning off a cruise may help smooth out differences. 

I run several doubleheaded/MU consists in TMCC lashup mode, but Like George’s they are made up of the same engine with the same electronics.

Running two dissimilar steam engines doubleheaded with each engine controlled separately might be interesting. I’d practice that first with the engines not connected.

Here is a consist of a Lionel Legacy GP30, Atlas O Trainman U23B with TMCC, MTH RS27 converted to ERR TMCC, Williams F3 converted to ERR TMCC and a        K-Line GP38 upgraded with ERR Cruise-M.  They all seem to play well together.  The key is to experiment and compare engine speeds individually before building the consist.


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Hey Tom - Your locomotives do 'play well' together. LOL  It would seem that ERR would pair up very well with Legacy since both can start out very slowly. And it is this that makes me want to double head an ERR locomotive with a DCS locomotive for the same reason.  Just the novelty of it i guess. 

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