headed out Friday after work to my brothers in Illinois, we will be attending the train show in Chicago this weekend. We have gone to several over the past 5-10 years and its always a fun time. Meet some great people, have a little something to eat and drink and of course the trains. cant forget the trains. we will see you at the show. you wont miss us my brother and I are taller than  the average bear, Im 6' 7" and wear a cowboy hat, my brother is only 6' 3". see you there!!!

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I'll be there also and hopefully selling outside if the weather cooperates. I'll be on a lookout for that cowboy hat and say Hi. 


OK Frank, hope the weather holds for you, I especially like the vendors and dealers that display outside, ive found some good deals out there

Hey there, Popi....last year I had the chance to visit the Dupage show....I did like it, and there folks scattered all over selling stuff right out of there cars.  FYI..all those years that I lived in Naperville, or visited relatives in Chicago, and NEVER knew that show existed!  HOPE you have fun!


I am going to take a wild guess at this one. My sister had the same trouble awhile back, it was because our system was blocking her email as spam.

As far as fixing it, I don't have a clue, because im NOT an IT guy and this computer stuff is way beyond me.

Also John I will go out on a limb here and give you another email for you to try. If you use the new email, expect a wait time because its all new to me and I don't chck it regularly.



I picked up an excellent video (TM Books and Video) today at the Dupage show features forum member "Chugman's " layout and other local layouts. I especially like Art's layout tips at the end of the video. A very well done video. Thankyou Art for the heads up about this.



Also picked up a nice Santa Fe F3 "B"unit for a good price.




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we had a blast,(not from the snow and no pun intended), picked up a Marx B&O tin plate F AA unit and a Marx grey tin plate mercury stream liner set.

parking lot was awful, thought we were gonna get stuck, with snow/rain/wet/soft ground if someone didn't bury their vehicle in the mud it was a miracle.  

side note from April show, any table I stopped at, the prices were very reasonable. Every dealer was more than willing to do better with their prices.

any items I bought, would have been listed for much more on the online auction site(but that doesn't mean they would get it). was a good show over all.

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